Quality of Patient Care Star Rating of ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


HCX is driving a post-acute experience that puts patients at the center of their care with the goal of achieving focusing on quality of life. Using patient data and the latest technology, HCX’s skilled interdisciplinary team is able to care for the whole patient – their current ailments as well as underlying comorbidities. This new model of care means the next generation of seniors can rest assured right where they belong – at home.

We have transformed patient care to be data driven.

Working on the same digital patient platform as 80% of the region’s skilled nursing facilities ensures the seamless transfer of patient data. It allows HCX to collect medication lists, acuity and co-morbidities at the point of transfer and to digitally track patient progress in real time, paving the way for transparent communication among our internal interdisciplinary care team, with the patient’s primary care provider and caregivers at home.

We are defining the home health care delivery model.

Patient care needs to be holistic to yield quality outcomes. This means addressing both what initially drove a patient’s acute admission and all underlying triggers. HCX creates a patient-centered care plan based on acuity and utilizes all necessary care modalities. From therapy to medication management, nutrition counseling, telehealth, telemonitoring and skilled nursing, HCX patient care is informed by what’s necessary to maximize patient improvement, not only what’s standard practice. Better, personalized care means fewer hospitalizations and a reduction in total cost. And that’s a whole new level of home healthcare.

We deliver a supreme patient experience.

Right-sizing care means patients only get the services they need, when they need them. That may mean less time in therapy and more time spent on in-home coaching or training on proper equipment use. Our skilled clinical staff creates and manages individualized care plans that lead to a better overall patient experience. Plans are based on the patient’s clinical acuity, not a pre-determined metric of visits.

The best in class patient outcomes fuel quality of life.

Home healthcare is a patient’s bridge to recovery and independence. HCX is committed to making the transition home after a hospitalization or rehab stay a smooth one. Our passionate, skilled staff uses proven protocols and practical tools to fuel the quality of our patients’ lives today and long after we’ve left their home.