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Discharge Planners

You provide your patients with exceptional care; we uphold that standard when they return home.
End the revolving door of readmissions; with HCX, you can send your patients home with confidence and care.
Home Care Experts leverages data along with a passion for quality care to facilitate every patient’s transition from hospital, rehab, or nursing facility to home. We offer a full range of home-based services, employing compassionate professionals and utilizing cutting-edge technology for a smoothly superior recovery. Our goal is to achieve a complete holistic approach to the patient’s care during this crucial transitional stage of their recovery while providing transparency and accountability to the patient, their family, and the referring facility.
Our Methods

Our team of expert care professionals – nurses, speech and language pathologist, physical and occupational therapists , home health aides, and medical social workers – provides skilled intermittent care to patients returning home from the hospital or nursing facility. However, our commitment to patient care begins long before the patient actually arrives.

Excellent care requires more than therapy and a calendar of appointments; it requires teamwork and communication. HCX collaborates with the patient, family, and facility before discharge to create a personalized, exhaustive care plan. We use innovative analytic technology to collect and thoroughly evaluate all patient data in order to arrange the most beneficial treatment strategy. 

The Home Care Experts system is structured to facilitate clear and seamless communication. With our state-of-the-art technology and EMR (electronic medical record) capabilities, we have the ability to connect directly to the facility’s system to avoid data breaches, miscommunications, and data inaccuracies. Once the care plan is implemented, we remain in constant contact with the patient, family, and care providers. Communication is vital for effective patient-centered care, and our commitment to care extends far beyond the initial consultation.
In the age of touchless technology, home health care is more convenient and less intrusive than ever before. Home Care Experts integrate telemonitoring and telehealth visits into the care plan, enhancing the experience of the patients throughout the transition period and beyond.
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